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Pontos de hipoteca, períodos de maturação e refinanciamento de caixa 101

    Traduza para o idioma português do brasil e organize o texto em parágrafos para melhor compreensão e facilidade de ler Are mortgage points really worth it? In many cases, they can save you money on a loan. But be careful; that lower rate might not be worth the cash you put up! It’s important to run the numbers before doing a mortgage buydown, and our trusted hosts are here to show you how!Welcome to this week’s Rookie Reply! In this episode, Ashley and Tony talk about mortgage points and when they make sense for real estate investors. They also discuss cash-out refinancing in depth—how much you can pull from a property, why banks enforce a “seasoning period,” and how to potentially get around it! Looking to go digital with your rentals? Our experts list the pros and cons of installing keyless entry pads. Finally, they provide the FREE tools you can use to get updated property information! Ashley:This is Real Estate Rookie episode 314. Recently we’ve seen a lot of banks lower your interest rate if you pay points. So it’s almost like a buydown for your interest rate. So if you pay two points or three points, your interest rate has lowered and is now this. And this is where you have to go and actually do the math and long-term for the life of your loan, what is actually the better deal? My name is Ashley Kehr and I’m here with my co-host Tony Robinson. Tony:And welcome to the Real Estate Rookie Podcast where every week, twice a week, we bring you the inspiration, motivation, and stories you need to hear to kickstart your investing journey. And we’re back here in the Real Estate Robinson Studio with Ashley Kehr here in SoCal. So Ashley down from the northern parts of Canada, wherever she’s at to come hang out with us in Southern California. Her first time really doing LA. So we’re going to be in LA all day tomorrow at the Spotify studios. So we got to plan some cool things for you to do. I wish you would come during basketball season because I 100% would’ve taken you to a Laker game. Ashley:Oh my gosh, I’ll definitely come back to go to that. Tony:Have you ever been to- Ashley:I’ve never been to an NBA game. I’ve done college March Madness before, but never to an NBA game. Tony:LA Laker games are a different breed of basketball. Next time we got to plan it out so you come during basketball. Ashley:I’m going to make sure our producers need me back out here. Tony:Anytime between October and May. Ashley:Okay. Yeah, I’ve been to Newport Beach twice and that is my closest to LA, really. Tony:And technically, we’re in the suburbs. I’m like 45 minutes outside of LA, but we’ll be in the heart of it tomorrow. Ashley:And him joking that I’m close to Canada or in Canada, wherever I am from, the town that he lives in or the airport is literally the name of a place in Canada. Tony:So my hometown is Ontario, California and was actually founded by these two guys. I think they were brothers from Ontario, Canada. So yeah, we do have Canadian ties here. Ashley:I remember the first time me and Tony were coming to meet and we both sent our flight information to our producer, and I was like, Tony’s coming from Canada because it says Ontario, CA. Tony:CA. Yeah, it can go a little bit confusing. Cool. But we’re here to talk Rookie Replies again today. We got a slate of amazing questions as always, we talk a little bit about- Ashley:Paying points. What are points when doing a mortgage. Also, we talk a little bit about digital locks as to the benefits of doing them for a long-term rental and also the cons. And we kind of actually walk ourselves through an actual system or process as to the locks of how they could be done if you want to be as remote as possible for your long-term rental as far as changing the locks and having to put new handles on every time somebody moves in and out of your apartment. Tony:We talk cash out refinances on this episode too where we have two different questions about cash out refinances, what they are and how they work. And a few more questions that I think you guys are going to love. But before we get into today’s questions, I just want to share a recent review that we got for the Real Estate Rookie podcast. I think you guys are going to absolutely love this one. This is from someone by the username of Listener with about 12 Rs. The title says, “Get to the point,” and the review itself just says, “Please cut the fats.” And it is a glowing one star review. Well listener, jokes on you because Ash and I actually have been focused on cutting the fat. So you guys know I’ve competed in a few fitness competitions and Ashley actually now is turned a new leaf. We want to tell them what’s going on with you? Ashley:Yeah. So I hired a health and wellness coach, so I’m on week two so I can no longer eat past 7:00 PM and since I’m in California time, that deadline ended at 4:00 PM so I cannot have dinner with Tony tonight, but thank you for that review. It’s just giving me and Tony even more and more motivation to cut the fat. Tony:Cut the fat. Ashley:Gain some muscle. Tony:Yeah. I’m going to put that on a shirt. It’s just going to say cut the fat. Every episode is going to be like. It’s so funny, I don’t do this often, but I was looking at one of our YouTube videos. It was actually Olivia Tate’s episode. Olivia, she’s one of my students. So I was just really happy to see what their response was and inside of the comments someone commented and they were like, “Lol, does he ever change clothes?” And I replied, and I said, “Actually, no I don’t.” So if you guys are watching this on YouTube, the black teaser are all that I do, but I’m happy to because I’m rubbing off on Ashley with the black tank here today. Ashley:Yeah, I actually had a white shirt on that was a body suit, but I realized as the day went on that it actually looked like a white beater. I was like, I probably shouldn’t wear that. Tony:But here’s why I wear the black shirts. Have I told you this? Ashley:I think so. Tony:So okay, if you watch a lot of famous people, highly successful business people, you’ll notice that a lot of them wear the same exact outfits. Presidents have done this, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, a lot of these people, and they credit it because it helps with decision fatigue. So for them, if you’re the president of the free world, you probably don’t want to spend too much time in the morning thinking about what are you going to wear. So you’ll see presidents kind of cycle through the same suit just with different ties every day. Zuckerberg was known for wearing just like a basic plain like bluish tee. Steve Jobs with the black turtleneck. And the reason they did that was because it was one less decision they had to make throughout the day. So for me, when I wake up in the morning, I go into my closet and there’s just nothing but black t-shirts. I just grab whichever one I see first, throw it on, and I go on with my day. So I literally waste zero mental energy about what I’m going to wear for the day. So that’s why I do it. Ashley:Talk about cutting the fat and here we are, Tony talking about his emotional choices. But I did think that I saw a video and I had to be an Instagram reel or something similar where someone was saying that I think it was Zuckerberg who talked about that actually was just joking. And then it turned into this trend that he wasn’t actually serious about the decision fatigue thing. Tony:So decision fatigue is real though. Ashley:Right, exactly. Yeah, Tony:There’s multiple books. I’ve read a few books on willpower, but one of…